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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIS?

The Building of a New World GIS is a system used to manage digitally a collection of objects that reflect the real world. The letters stand for Geographical Information System. The typically elements that make up a system are; software (ArcMap and QGIS), hardware (computers and servers), data (vector and raster), procedures (standards & work flows) and personnel (technicians, specialists, & managers). The most important elements are data and people. But when these elements are combined in some fashion they can be used to gather, create, manipulate, analyze and present geographical information. Geographical information is merely information about an object that has a geographical location on the Earth's surface.

For help with these definitions click ESRI's Online GIS Dictionary.

What software and equipment does the Hobbs GIS Division use?

We use ESRI software as the foundation for our daily work. And we're working to integrate more open source software solutions. However, with the ESRI platform we maintain a Arc GIS Server with several SDE databases, multiple desktop clients along with a Arc GIS Online Account.

We use Trimble based GPS units for the majority of the data collection efforts. Though we have also introduced another mobile GPS collection method for general mapping purposes. This method utilizes Android tablets with a Bluetooth link to a external GPS receivers, namely the Bad Elf GPS Receivers. This solution offers a inexpensive yet flexible solution, with a reduced learning curve. This allows for broader data collection options throughout the organization, rather than being dependent upon only a few individuals.

How do I access data or maps?

Currently, you can access several interactive maps, static maps and data options through the links provided on this website. Another option is to make an official data or map request by filling out a Work Order Request.

What maps or apps are available?

Some of the available online GIS maps or apps are listed below...



What if I can't find what I am needing or maps are not available for certain areas?

Our aim is to serve the citizens of Hobbs and the various organizational departments within the government body with relevant data and resources. If there are subjects or data which you feel would be of value to the general public please contact us with your GIS suggestions.

I'm having trouble using the maps or accessing the apps. How do I get assistance?

In the near future we hope to have a tutorial page with a sections for instructions which can be downloaded along with video tutorials. However, until this new platform is developed, please contact us for assistance at, Hobbs GIS 2.0 Help.